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Friday, 17 April 2015

A Mini Haul from The Body Shop

The Body Shop Sale Haul
The Body Shop Sale Haul

The Body Shop sells some really nice stuff, but because they so frequently have either 40% or 50% off codes, I refuse to look at their site at any other time. Then, typically, a sale appears and I buy about 16 body butters I'll never get through 'cos it's just such a bargain! This sale initially looked to be the same as the contents of my basket were at £64 after the 40% had come off. I gave myself a stern talking to and managed to get the total down to £36, but even then I knew it was stuff I just do not need, so I pleaded with myself some more and in the end just spent £21 on a couple of bits I've been wanting to purchase for a while... and yes, one super bargain shower gel *sigh*.

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer
The Body Shop Honey Bronzer

The main thing I wanted to pick up was the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder (would have been £13 full price). I've heard nothing but praise for this, especially for being a bronzer that's great for us pale skinned gals. It's been on my wish list for ages but I've only just got round to buying it now, because I think I just wasn't that into bronzers before (translation: they scared the crap out of me). I've only used this a couple of times so far, but yeah, this is a really easy to use, safe to layer option if you're very fair skinned! Woohoo!
The Body Shop Brazil Nut Beautifying Oil

I then made an impulse repurchase of an old favourite in the form of the Brazil Nut Beautifying Oil (would have been £9 full price, no longer listed on the site, so no link). I do love oils as moisturisers for my super dry legs, and yes, admittedly, I do prefer using the solid massage bars from Lush for the job because they're so much easier and less messy, but I love the Brazil Nut scent from The Body Shop!

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Mist

I then picked up the Vineyard Peach Body Mist (would have been £7.50 full price, no listy, no linky). I've mentioned before how much I love these body mists and with the Vineyard Peach being one of my favourite scents, it was a no brainer to pick it up as a nice spring scent. The body mists are still pretty well scented, but the scent doesn't cling to you for as long as a perfume, which suits me as I find myself often getting headachey or nauseated with stronger scents as the day goes on.
The Body Shop Olive Shower Gel

And then yes, we have the obligatory "it's just so cheap!!!" shower gel purchase - the Olive Shower Gel (would have been £4 full price). At least it's only one this time. I love the Olive scent from The Body Shop, it's such a clean, crisp scent and I think Kenny (the other half) likes it too, so at least maybe he'll use some of it. In general I think the shower gels and creams from The Body shop are great value; the scents are fantastic, they lather super well and they are so gentle for sensitive skin. Even at the full price (which, given how often The Body Shop runs sales, there really isn't a need to spend), I still think they're great value.
The Body Shop Satsuma Polish

And the last item is another absolute favourite of mine that I just couldn't resist picking up now that we're coming in Spring/Summer. It's the Satsuma Body Polish (full price is £10). I've written a whole post about this before, as well as having mentioned it countless times in favourites posts etc, so I'll keep this brief here. I love this polish. A little too brief? OK, fair enough. So, this isn't the scrubbiest of scrubs which initially I was disappointed in, but somehow, despite not feeling super rough, this does a great job of, as the name suggests, polishing my skin and really leaving it smooth and clear. I also vastly prefer using scrubs in tubes rather than in tubs - much easier to use with wet hands and zero hand eye coordination skills. And the scent, I mean, who doesn't love the satsuma scent from The Body Shop? It just transports me back to childhood and happy times. 

And so that is everything I picked up - like I said, on the grand scheme of things I was super restrained (I mean come on, there's not a single butter in sight people!!). Did you pick up anything in this most recent sale from The Body Shop? What are your go-to staples from them?

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