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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Breakfast at TriBeCa Glasgow

Recently I actually had a day off work on the same day that Kenny was able to take time off from studying (and yes, there were flying pigs that day..) and so we wanted to head out into the city and do something - and when I say 'do something', I mean, 'eat something'. We chose TriBeCa for a big ol' American style breakfast.

We headed to the newer, Park Road restaurant as it seems to generally be the quietest to visit (it doesn't show up on Google maps yet so that probably has something to do with it!), we were seated straight away and began browsing the menus. Drinks first and Kenny went for the freshly squeezed orange juice - which tasted, you know, like freshly squeezed orange juice - and I had the strawberry and banana smoothie - which was tasty, and a nice break from the veggie-heavy green smoothies I make at home!

I always struggle with ordering breakfast in the UK, especially when its American style, I mean, I want the pancakes, obviously, but I just cannot eat that much sweet food at once, without something to break it up. But, on the flip side, who would choose a fry up over pancakes?!? (also: flip side, see what I did there).

This probably explains why Kenny and I each ordered the Brooklyn Breakfast, which is "a huge stack of fresh Buttermilk Pancakes served with a knob of butter, 100% Grade A Canadian Ember Maple Syrup, 2 slices of locally sourced unsmoked bacon, 2 seasonal link sausages, 2 eggs cooked any way and a grilled tomato" So it sounded like the perfect compromise.

The food arrived fresh tasting and hot, and I felt everything was of good quality - no gristle in the sausage or overly fatty bacon; let's face it, sometimes restaurants that go for an "American theme" play on that and neglect quality, this definitely wasn't the case here, they clearly choose high quality produce and prepare it well. The portion of food was also really big - Kenny just managed to finish his and I fell sadly short. In my opinion, the pancakes are the closest to American I've had here in the UK and if you're a die hard pancake fanatic like my mum, then that's probably enough for you. For me, while yes I love passing pancakes and waffles off as breakfast food, I like the American breakfast experience as a whole and this doesn't quite hit it for me.

Pancakes were great, the syrup actually tasted like maple syrup - a rarity in UK restaurants - and the sausages were well seasoned and tasty. But the bacon was, as yes, the menu does state, local bacon. I personally, would have liked proper American style crispy bacon to complete the ensemble - and as far as I know or have experienced, grilled tomato is more of a British thing for breakfast? No? 

And of course, the other major component of an American style meal, is the service. And I would say that TriBeCa definitely does not come close to the cheery, chatty style of service experienced typically in US restaurants - or erm, even what I would call good service by UK restaurant standards for that matter. I've eaten there twice in the past couple of months and on both occasions have had to work hard to get staff attention; to get the bill, to get a glass of water - and forget anyone coming to ask if the food is OK for you or if you need a drink refill. Staff always seem far more keen in chatting to each other or nipping through to Back of House than remaining visible to guests - we witnessed one customer have to get up from her table and wander around shouting 'excuse me'  in all the back of house doors until she could eventually get some attention. Don't get me wrong, the staff weren't rude necessarily, just really disinterested and distant - no greeting, other than "table for two?", no chit chat, no recommendations on the menu - really not what I would expect from a restaurant that calls itself a "little slice of the Big Apple".

So, would I recommend it? If you love pancakes or American style french toast and want a really good selection of toppings to choose from, then yes, this is a great place for to go for that. If you are Brit missing American food and service, then no, I wouldn't say this will scratch the itch. That sounds harsh and truthfully, I'm sure I will go again, but for the prices (it's not cheap for breakfast!) I think I'd like to see a more well rounded experience - and 
 potentially not to be charged £2 for more maple syrup, should we finish the little jug!!

Have you visited TriBeCa Glasgow? What was your experience? Any good breakfast places you'd recommend we try out in Glasgow? 

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