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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Time to Dig Out My Spring Beauty Staples

Spring Beauty Staples
Spring Beauty Staples

Despite the occasional snow or hail shower, Spring definitely seems to be attempting to come to Glasgow, and so, I decided to switch up the items I keep to hand and add in some more seasonal options.
The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish

The Body Shop's Strawberry Body Polish (£10 for the full size, this is the mini size for £5). I love this, and the satsuma version too - so fruity, so great for skin and so easy to work with in a nice squeezey tube. The strawberry version just reminds me of being a kid and going into The Body Shop and buying the soaps shaped like rhinos or fruit or whatever (do they still make those?!) , ah, happy happy times.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

Erm, excuse how tatty the bottle looks please - it's not old, just super well loved! This the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation (£8.99). I love this foundation for Spring (or all year round, but, you know..) it's just so glowy and illuminating - but it really doesn't come across as shiny or sparkly, even in natural daylight. I feel like this has such a fresh look to it, which is exactly what I'm going for in Spring, but even though it looks so light on the skin, this lasts super well - it's a win, win!

Urban Decay Naked Flushed in Native

I've been counting the days until I could crack this out again! This is the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette in Native (£22.50). I love this for the Spring/Summer months. The bronzer is potentially a little too dark for my still winter toned skin, but hey, blend blend blend blend blend. I love the highlighter in this, and the blush - just the combination of the three products on my face is just a great pop of Spring. I'm actually debating picking up another one of these - in Streak - because I think they're just so compact and handy, and the quality is superb.
Models Own HyperGel nail polish in Coral GlazeBarry M Sil Nail Polish in Heather

As for nails, I love both of these polishes; one is a sweet, Spring pastel shade, and the other is a more bold, sunny shade. Up first there's the Barry M Silk Nail Paint in Heather (£3.99) - which is a matte pearlescent polish, which I've written a post about, here. It's so pretty and girly, but the unique finish on it gives it a little something more edgy and different.

Then there's the Models Own HyperGel Polish in Coral Glaze (£5.00) - sunny, cheerful, but still a pretty chic looking coral. Formula wise, this doesn't have the annoying gloopiness and slow drying time that comes with a lot of other gel effect polishes. 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in Peche Cosy

Then we have the Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in Peche Cosy (£7.99). I'm not normally one for orangey toned lip shades (complete paranoia about my kinda yellowish teeth and orange shades kinda emphasise it..) but for whatever reason, this shade doesn't seem to have that effect. It's such a lovely peach colour that's still pale enough to be wearable as an everyday thing, also, for me who wears a lot of brown lip colours, this kinda breaks it up but keeps it in the same colour family... ish
The Body Shop Body Mist in Atlas Rose

And lastly, Spring means I return to wearing floral scents everyday - and The Body Shop's Fragrance Mist in Atlas Rose (£7.50) is one of my absolute favourites. It's a rose scent, a true rose scent - without being old lady floral, or too sweet, or kind of damp and musty smelling. The freshness of it combined with the rose scent makes it, for me, just perfect for Spring. 

And so those are the products I've dug back out now the sun is starting to show its face again - how about you? Do you have old Spring-time favourites you go back to? Or have you found any new favourites this year?

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