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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Starting with Serums

I feel like lately the universe has been telling me I need to start using a serum. Blogs, websites, emails, books, magazines, all of them seem to have been practically pushing me towards taking the plunge into the realm of apparently miracle-working serums. But seriously, have you seen the price of a lot of serums?!? It's intimidating, there are so many, from so many brands, and they promise to do such a myriad of wonderful things and also, I don't know if I mentioned, have you seen the prices??!

I think it would be an intimidating prospect for anyone to start out with their first serum, but for me, with my absurdly sensitive skin... well, it had the potential to be an expensive,painful and frustrating mine field.  So I did what I always do in these situations; I headed to the drugstore first - I mean, if you're going to be risking buying things that won't work for you, it's best to only risk £10, rather than £100, right?

Botanics, had a promotion on where there was a few pounds off a whole bunch of their products, and so, having had some luck with products from the Calming line before, I decided this would be as good a start point as any.

So the first serum I picked up, I thought would be great to use in the morning - it's from the All Bright range - is the Radiance Concentrate Serum. This comes in a super cute glass bottle with a little dropper and is designed to be gently brightening on the skin and to increase the radiance of a complexion in a natural way. So, I have only used this one a few times, and I think it's too harsh for my skin - it doesn't cause a break out or anything like that, but it does feel a little itchy and burny and I'm pretty sure it's not in a good way. That being said, I have only used it a few times, I may wait a few weeks and then give it another shot. 

Ah, but then we have the Skin Relief Serum - this thing deserves a heralding chorus of angels and harps and golden clouds. I was skeptical at first, I always am, but especially with a product that claims to "reduce skin sensitivity in 2 weeks".... oh really?!? You're telling me, two little squirts of this £9 a tube liquid will reduce my lifelong skin sensitivity and redness... oh really?!... Well, actually, yes it has! Trust me, I'm as surprised as you.
Prior to using this I had a lot of redness on my skin, and I was self conscious about it, especially about my chin and cheeks - now, this has reduced the redness enough so that I feel I can just wear a tinted moisturiser or CC cream and not worry about the light coverage. I used to get these sudden, seemingly inexplicable, swollen, red lumps that itched and burned like crazy (they were like big insect bites that just appeared on my face), at leas a couple of times a week - since using this? Nothing. My skin is just calmer. It's clearer, it's more even, it's not tight or itchy... it's just soothed. I honestly can't quite believe the turn around; that a serum can do this much for me, and, that I managed to find it on basically my first go! 

I've already stocked up a couple of spares as I really, really wouldn't want to be without this, but I am still curious about maybe finding another serum for morning application that is super gentle, but also increases the brightness of grey, dull skin. Any tips?

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  1. The skin relief serum sounds lovely. I've had very little luck finding a good serum. The ones I've tried seem nice for the first few days and then I break out. I'm almost ready to spend big bucks on one just to see if I can find one that works.


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