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Friday, 8 May 2015

We're Going HOME!

What can I say - exciting news I had to share! My sister and I are planning to return to Walt Disney World next April! Yay, Sister Trip 2016!

We are, in case you couldn't already tell, pretty much bursting with excitement - I feel so lucky to have gone from after my trip in September 2014, not knowing when I would make it back, to planning to return in less than a year now! It's a lot of money to save and sacrifices to be made in order to get there - but boy is it so worth it.  I can't wait to not only go back, but to be going back with my best friend, my little sister is really just unbelievably brilliant - I know we'll have the time of our lives and make some memories that'll last forever. And that we'll eat a lot too, yup, eating will always be involved. 

And so that's really all I have to say today, perhaps I pointless post, I know, but it's such a bit thing in my life - in the sense of how much I'm looking forward to it, and also how much time I invest in the research and planning of a trip.

We're planning to do things differently this time: of course we have all our family traditions and it's hard to imagine not doing some of those things, but we also both feel ready now to make our own memories and redefine what Walt Disney World is for us. Of course, the trip will be different from those I take with Kenny in other ways too: whereas I went completely barefaced the entire time with him, visiting with Jenna means plenty of sister selfies so naturally, I shall have to hunt down a Florida-proof makeup routine! And we can dress cute. And spend ages in the gift shops. And share food. Yeah, this has all the makings of an amazing trip...

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