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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

All About Autumn: Eyes

I think potentially I am one of the few people in Scotland who's glad to see the back of Summer... oh wait, it's only me? I am just not a Summer person. I think maybe, if I lived somewhere that there was a true, guaranteed Summer then maybe I could relax and get more into it, but here in Scotland it's just three months of rained out BBQs, frostbitten sandal clad toes and an all round sense of general foolishness and disappointment. Bah humbug. But maybe the other reason that I don't enjoy Summer so much is that I don't enjoy the fashion and beauty trends nearly so much as those wonderful Autumn and Winter looks...

So I thought it might be fun to do a little mini series looking at some of my favourites I'm cracking out again now that the leaves are turning and it's perfectly legitimate to need to drink hot chocolate every night. Today, let's start with the eye products, we all know they're my favourites...


 Wet n Wild Comfort Zone - not stocked in UK stores, but available from seemingly reliable sellers for less than £10 including delivery. Like here.

This palette is honeslty my absolute favourite to use at this time of year and if I was ever going away on some kind of Autumnal mini break, I could easily get away with just taking this. 

There are no matte shades in the palette but a good mix of satin and more metallic finishes are present (I love, love, love a metallic eye in Autumn...) and there's one shade that packs a good bit of sparkle too - should you be looking to oomph things up for an evening look. The left hand column has four nude shades in a good range of hues; all warm toned but easily mixed and matched to create a multitude of looks, and the right hand column is where it gets a little more interesting. There's a green toned mushroom shade, an olive green, a black with gold glitter and a pretty unique warm brown shade with an almost lilac duochrome (sounds weird, I know, but trust me...). 

All of the shades on the right are different without being different, you can easily work one or several of them into everyday looks without looking like a clown. That's my kind of shadow palette! The quality is all on point too - every shade is soft and pigmented, the only thing that, for me, stops it from being 'perfect' is the absence of a highlight shade. The nude on the top right might work for folks with a medium or darker complexion, but on my pale skin it looks daft on the brow bone or inner corner. 

 LORAC Skinny Palette in Nude - Usually available on (and it doesn't face custom charges because it's below the threshold) but it's showing as unavailable as I write this... typical... 

This is a pretty full on, warm toned Autumn palette. It lacks the variety in colour of the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone, but it makes up for it with the range of finishes and pretty well thought out colour choices. 

There's a good cream, matte highlight and a deep, reddish, slightly sparkly brown as the deepest shade and in between there's two matte shades (an almost terracotta toned brown and a biscuity shade), two metallics (a bronze and a copper) and a more subdued, shimmery, golden brown. Each of the shades is beautiful on its own and when combined you can make some seriously powerful looks. My only criticism of this one is that I feel it could maybe do with another 'safe' matte shade or two just to expand the variety of day time looks I can do.

Cream Eye Shadows

 I wear all of these as eye shadow bases, and as stand alone shadows on days when I can't be bothered,  I mean, days where I lead such a chic and hectic lifestyle, I simply don't have time. 

The option from MUA is a shimmery, warm toned nude shade - my favourite to wear alone all over the lid. The Rose Gold from Rimmel is a pretty fiery bronze shade - a bit more of a statement look if worn alone, but it works great under nude shadows to help intensify the colours a little. And lastly, the shade from No7 is a very shimmery flesh toned shade. I most often wear this in my lower lash line to give a brightening look - I wear quite heavy eye makeup in A/W and this helps me still look fresh.

 Left to right: No7 Glistening Ray, Rimmel London Rose Gold and MUA Stay.

Eye Liners 

I think eye liners are such a great way to mix up a neutral eye shadow look to change with the seasons. You can pick them up for cheap, you can experiment with colours you wouldn't normally and you use just tiny amounts to add a hint of the colour to your look without making things overwhelming. 

The purple and green shades I've shown are high end, but that's just because I happen to own them - you can easily pick up fun eye liners for less money at the drugstore. My favourite brands for liners are Makeup Revolution, Barry M and Bourjois.

And so that's the eye makeup items I'm looking forward to playing with this Autumn - what about you? What are your Fall favourites? Anything I'm missing out on?

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