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Saturday, 26 September 2015

All About Autumn: Nails

Back for the second part of my All About Autumn series today (parts one here if you missed it), and today, we're talking fall inspried nail colours.

I've said this in every one of these posts, but heck, I'm going to say it again; I love the autumn colour palette. Love, love, love it: golds, reds, warm shades a plenty - I think that of all the typical, seasonal palettes, autumnal colours are the easiest to work into everything; makeup, clothing and accessories. But aynyway, without further delay, here are a few of my favourite fall nail shades...

1. Revlon Parfumiere in Lime Basil
One of my favourite nail colours of time, I switch from Barry M's Spring Green in the Spring and Summer to Revlon's Lime Basil in the Autumn and Winter - can you tell green is my favourite colour? 
I'm actually not wild about the scent in this (it's a bit Toilet Duck in my opinion...), but I can't smell it once I've got a top coat on top and I just love the colour and formula on this. (Plus, and I know it's irrelevent, but the packaging on this is totes adorable).

2. Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine in Jaune Trendy 
 Mustard is another colour that I just love for this time of year; I have mustard dresses, mustard shoes, mustard scarves... so why not complete the look with matching nails?  (calm down people, I'm joking, of course I don't wear ALL the mustard things at once. I mean, I WANT to sometimes ... but...)
I sometimes find nice yellow polishes are difficult to find for me; I think because I'm so pale and have such cool toned skin that a yellow can often just make my hands look seriously haggard. This one is a good 'un though - no freaky witch hands here...

3. Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine in Santal Opulent
This looks a lot more of a blood red in the bottle than it looks on the nails. On the nails it really looks like a brown at a glance, and then if you catch the light on your nails you see the red tones. I love it for autumn because it's that super warm, deep shade but the reddish brown hue makes it seem so much more 'autumn leaves' than 'winter berry'.

4. Rimmel London Salon Pro Kate Moss in Punk Rock
Another polish that I just think is so Autumnal in a not too 'in your face' sort of way. This is a warm, almost purple toned deep grey that somehow is just so much more  than a grey or black would be. Plus, the brush and formula of these polishes is fantastic for a quick one coat and out the door paint job.

5. L'Oreal Color Riche in Copper Cuff
Long time readers are probably aware that I am generally way too lazy for a glitter topcoat, but for this one I'll gladly make an exception. This is, as the name suggests, a beautiful copper mix of glitter particles that really does look great either layered up to be opaque or worn sheer over another polish. Really can't say enough nice things about it...

 And so there we have my favourite nail polishes to wear as we move into this next season, now, arguably this post could be a bit dull - I mean, let's face it, these are exactly they type of shades you'd expect to see in a post like this, but you know what? Sorry not sorry. When it comes to Autumn/Winter I am a totally tradittional person - no matter how many times someone tries to sell me on winter pastels it ain't going to happen. 

So come on, what are your favourite, classic Autumnal nail shades? 

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