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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Christmas in September

I think the title of this post will be potentially pretty devisive. On one hand people will roll their eyes and perhaps even omit an audible tut or sigh at the notion of doing anything festive in September (it is, after all, FAR too early...).
And then, there will be people like me who'll perk up and squeal a little at finding someone else daring to mention the 'Ch Word' this early in the year.

 I love Christmas, I am a Christmas fanatic. I am that person playing Christmas music in October when nobody is home, I am the one who buys mince pies the second they appear on shelves and the girl who checks shops every day on my lunch break just in case the Christmas stuff is out. I can't help it. I come from a family who loves Christmas and unfortunately, instead of growing out of the craziness as I got older and reigning things in a bit (see, reigning, reindeer.... you with me?) I have instead exploded with Christmassy-ness even earlier than usual since moving out 'cos I'm a growed up now and nobody can tell my what to do, so nyah. 

However, there is a whole other set of reasons to start thinking about Christmas this early. Oh yes, it isn't just for mad people (though that certainly helps, I'm sure...). Here's why starting Christmas things now is a good idea:

1. Not having to march round heaving, roasting shops in December that play Band Aid's Christmas song on a loop constantly, and then having to struggle to move for all the crabbit, hot people also marching around said overheated, crowded shops... (seriously, why can UK stores not work out that in winter, everyone is wearing winter coats because it's 2c outside and therefore, heating your store to 25c while everyone is still wearing parkas and hats is NOT helpful...)

2. Not spending the last few days before Christmas jumping up to the windowsill like some kind of agitated Collie every time the post man appears because he NEEDS to have that parcel. He NEEDS to have it. 

3. Not having to worry about having things go out of stock and hitting refresh on Amazon every 3 seconds while frantically trying to come up with a plan B that can be bought at the local corner shop.

4. Spreading things out over multiple paychecks. Christmas is expensive no matter how careful you try to be and while yes, it's the same amount of money no matter if you spend it over one month or three... it certainly does make things a lot less scary to see it happen more slowly, rather than just some kind of mass exodus from your bank account. 

I firmly believe that everyone; from people who buy the smallest token gifts and go out to a restaurant for Christmas dinner, to people who buy for 50 family members and then have to come up with a plan to feed them too, I think everyone can make life easier for themselves by starting early.

For me it is partly the reasons listed above (I have all my online shopping done by mid November, I'm not enough of a badass to cope with the stress of leaving it later), but also, it's because I do a lot of handmade stuff for Christmas. I draw my own cards and paint my own wrapping paper and gift tags, as well as the occasional completely handmade gift - and let me tell you, this stuff is not quick to do!

So basically I'm writing this post because I like any excuse to talk about Christmas because I wanted to use it as a little introduction (or warning, depending on your levels of bah humbug-ishness), to a series of posts I have coming up about how to plan a stress free (or 'stress reduced', let's not kid ourselves) Christmas; everything from planning timelines, to recipes and meal planning, to gift ideas. (There's loads more ideas, but I'm trying not come off tooooo crazy... not working? No?).

So where do you stand on Christmas beginning early - is it just wrong (as my mum always says), or are you as excitable as me? Have you started your Christmas shopping yet - or not yet facing up to the daunting task?

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