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Sunday, 6 September 2015

I'm Engaged

The title says it all for this one really; after four years together, Kenny popped the question last week and I, of course, tripped over all my words in  an effort to say yes as quickly as I could.

It's a strange feeling actually, not least because in a lot of ways, I didn't expect there to be a feeling. I mean, we've been together for years, we live together - what does being engaged change? Well, everything, it seems. Neither of us has been able to verbalise it, and sitting here now I don't know how I'd adequately explain it to you (which I'm aware is coming off as one of those things women say condescendingly about things like motherhood, but I promise, that isn't how it's meant!). I suppose if I had to try and describe it, I'd say that there's a deep feeling of serenity between us now; a sense of security and peace, as if our foundation as a couple has been strengthened and we're truly partners in everything from now on. Boy, if engagement gives me all these weird smushy feelings, I can't wait to see what marriage feels like!

Kenny planned a lovely day out and chose a beautiful spot at Loch Lomond for the proposal - one one hand I kind of knew something was coming (in four years together Kenny has never previously planned a day out, or looked quite so twitchy and nauseaus whilst walking round a Loch...), but on the other hand I didn't know what was coming so I had the lovely butterflies in my tummy feeling - it really was pretty perfect. Private, scenic and we'd spent the morning at an aquarium, so, pretty much all I could have asked for!

Now having told friends and family and seeing cards arrive in the post it all suddenly seems quite a bit more real - not that I thought we were playing house before, but having your Gran ask you about wedding dates certainly adds an almightly thwack of adulthood to an otherwise Disney-fuelled state of happily-ever-after-blissed-out-ness. Nevertheless, family all seem happy with the engagement - my mum in particular has been emotional about having Kenny be part of the family, though we can't help but wonder if that is in part because of all the DIY she can persuade him to do now. Don't panic, Kenny is counter attacking with a seriously impressive repetoire of mother-in-law gags - I think he might have been planning those for a while!

 And so that's really all the update I have; no wedding dates or plans (unless my teenage day dreams count... no?), but I think that we both probably want to take a while and enjoy this stage of our lives, right now it's feeling like a pretty nice place to be. 

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  1. Congatulations! Wonderful news, happy to hear you're doing well :)


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