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Saturday, 10 October 2015

3 Mascaras for BIG Lashes

When it comes to mascaras, I am unquestioningly all about volume - lengthening mascaras always look strange on me. Of course, I'd love longer lashes that I could bat coyly (note, would also need to actually learn to bat lashes without looking like I'm about to sneeze), but the sad reality is that I think my little stubby lashes are the right size for my eye... area? Socket? Lid? You know what I mean, and making them look longer just throws everything out of whack in that zone.  So anyway, if you too are interested in big ol' fanned out lashes, here's the most recent three I've been trying out.

Well, the name on this one certainly doesn't leave you in any doubt as to what it's going to do now does it? I really enjoyed this mascara, it had a wand that was big enough to allow very fast and even application, but it wasn't so big that I got mascara on my nose every morning. The formula is definitely on the drier side, which on one hand yes I do prefer working with a mascara like that, but the flip side is that I made it to the three month mark, but only just, things were really starting get a little too dry and also kinda flaky. 
Packaging wise I feel it looks a lot more expensive than it is - it comes in a pretty box in the typical Soap and Glory style illustration - and the actual tube is pretty weighty for a drugstore mascara.

I will definitely repurchase this mascara at some point - I just have some others to work through in the meantime.  

One of those mascaras you hear a lot about on the blog/YouTube scene and I was certainly pretty pleased to get a full size one in a beauty subscription box - not sure I'd have forked out for one otherwise. So let's start with the positives. The packaging is beautiful - pink, heavy, metal, it's got a very high end feel to it which is always nice. The brush is an hourglass shape which I was totally suspicious of at first as I'm notoriously useless with all these fancy brush shapes - but actually I found it to be not only useable but effective and quick too. As for what this does for my lashes - wow, just WOW, it really does give me that kind of old-school-Hollywood-starlet-with-impossibly-full-lashes-look. And it lasts all day for me - my lashes don't droop, or clump or flake as time goes on. BUT, my tube of Better Than Sex was never opened before I used it for the first time, and once opened it was used almost daily and it lasted... two months. And even then, only just - it was certainly past its best. Now maybe this was a dud in some way, but in all honesty the formula started out pretty dry for me, so while it's disappointing it's probably not surprising that it simply continued to become drier quite quickly.

Would I purchase this again.... aaaarrggh, I don't know. £19 is a lot for a product that's only going to last a couple of months, and while it does give me AMAZING lashes, for day to day life is that worth the huge price tag? I think I'd have to say no, for me anyway. If I ever had a couple of months where I had a whole lot of special occasions to attend; birthday parties, weddings etc. (which given my social life, seems entirely unlikely), then maybe, but other than that, I just don't know that I could justify the price of this to myself.

This is most recent of the three that I've used, and I have to say... I think it might be my favourite. First of all, the genius who put mascara in a non-round tube deserves a Nobel Prize (not sure exactly what category that would come under though... Peace?), I no longer have to spend 5 minutes each morning hunting about for the mascara tube that's once again kamikaze-d off my vanity. This isn't all just about the addition of some corners though, this mascara has a lot more going for it. The brush has a kind of ball on the end with bigger bristles (to comb through and separate the lashes), and then there is a narrower section with smaller bristles that actually apply the product - and amazingly folks, I can actually work this brush - and work it well. Just the right amount of product goes onto your lashes and it really is easy to separate them with one sweep. The formula is wetter in this one - but not overly so, I have no patience for super wet mascaras that mean you have to sit like you're having some mad staring contest for several minutes after application, lest you blink and end up with panda eyes. I've only been using this one for six weeks or so I can't comment on the drying out time - but, at this point, it feels basically just the same as when it was opened. This wears well on me too - no transferring or clumping or anything else, and it doesn't irritate my tired eyes near the end of the day either, bonus.

Would I repurchase this one again? Oh yes, oh yes - even though I have some others to get through first, I'm tempted to pick up a couple of these just in case Sleek does something mad like discontinue them.

So those are my thoughts on three of the most recent volumising mascaras I've been playing with. One little side note is that all of these have a pretty 'full on' look - which I like (I firmly believe life is too short for half-hearted lashes), but if you're someone who, for work or school, or just out of personal preference likes a mascara that can give a more natural volumised look - these maybe aren't the best ones to try. 

What about you, as far as mascaras go, have you found 'The One'? 

Any volumising mascaras you'd recommend I try out? 

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