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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Halloween Haulin'

What can I say, I'm a sucker for cutsie holiday merchandise (and candy, obvs). I can't deal with scary films or gore of any kind, so when it comes to Halloween, I definitely need to embrace the more cutesy, childlike side and enjoy myself some novelty chocolate...

Primark Skull Hands Necklace // £2.50
 I really thought this was super sweet and OK so yes, when you look at it closely for any length of time it is clearly skeleton hands, but, I think it's a fun way to add a more subtle/wearable Halloween touch to an everyday look - at a glance, it really doesn't jump out as a spooky novelty item.  Actually, H&M have some gorgeous  Halloween accessories this year like chic looking crowns and ornate little face masks, but their prices are just a little more than I like to pay for something I'll wear for about 3 hours.

eBay Sparkly Devil Horn Headband // £0.99
For the record, I was totally caught out with this; one size does not fit all in this case. *Sigh*. Still seeing as how I have no plans to actually leave the house in these (I am planning to film a devilish makeup look, I didn't actually buy them just to wear around the house with my PJs. I mean, I totally would, but you just know I'd then forget to take them off when the mail man came to the door and he already thinks I'm a little odd...)  Still, there are approximately 8,723 variations of these on the UK High Street this week, so I'm sure you could find some that are a better fit. For me, it's a nice way to mix things up after about 10 years of cat ear headbands...

Yankee Wax Tart in Candy Corn // £1.49
I actually went in thinking I would much prefer the Witches Brew scent, but took one scent and had an embarassing middle-of-a-crowded-shop-floor coughing fit due to how strong it smelled. Not bad, but just WOW, strong. Anyway, I actually picked up the Candy Corn tart a little grudgingly as I usually don't like sickly, candy scents (but clearly, simply not buying a novelty Halloween Wax Tart simply wasn't an option this day?!), but actually, having now burned this for a bit today -  I kinda like it. It is sickly, I certainly wouldn't want a large jar candle of it, but it is different from what I usually go for and that makes it seem more special and seasonal somehow. 

Poundland Tealight Holders // £1.oo (each)
Poundland did Christmas versions of these last year which I loved, so when I saw cute little ceramic Halloweeny tea light holders how could I resist? I actually think this pumpkin is significantly cuter than the £7 one Yankee Candle are selling this year - but then I'm not sure if 'pumpkin cuteness' is an absolute or a subjective scale of measurement. The ghost I actually bought because he cracks me up a little - is it me or is his face less 'BOO' and more 'like guys, seriously, you ate all the pizza before I got here?!?' For costing only £1 each these really are a bargain as they're the kind of thing I'll bring back out each year! 

Primark Halloween Nail Transfers // £1.00
Perfect if like me, you think nail art is great, but you completely lack the skills to actually do it. These are actually super easy to use (seriously, that is saying something coming from me..) and last... well, really as long as you would actually want Halloween nail transfers to last.  

I actually bought and reviewed this last year so this time around I thought I should try out the other Halloween bath option - Lord of Misrule - but nope, the Sparkly Pumpkin is just too lovely! Apparently the scent is a mix of "juniperberry, lime and grapefruit oils", but really it just smells like Turkish Delight to me. Really, really good Turkish Delight.

And so those are the goodies I've been treating myself too to get in the Halloween-y spirit (see what I did there, 'spirit', Halloween.... geddit?). I know I mentioned novelty candy in the intro, but gee.. I can't seem to see what I've done with it right now...

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