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Sunday, 18 October 2015

3 Fun and Easy Mismatched Nail Looks!

I love nail art, I spend ages frantically pinning all sorts of ambitious Christmas looks and fancy wedding styles, but the reality? I can do an alright job on my left hand, really I can, but my right looks like I painted with the brush in my mouth. While blindfolded. And drunk. So what if you want something that's a little different from just a straight up, one colour look? Something that you can make look festive, or Halloween-ish? May I strongly recommend a mismatched nails look...

 In all honesty, I was actually aiming for Autumnal when I did this look - but I guess the fact I was listening to Christmas music at the time kind of subconsciously swayed me somehow! I think this look is super cute, and as far as festive nails go, it's really not that over the top! Nearer the time, whe we're in 'all-out-festive-glitter-mode' I might even swap out the red for a glittery red and the grey for a glittery green!

 Managed to actually stay in the right season this time and while I do think this colour combo is cute, it hasn't really gone with any of the outfits I've worn so I think next time around I'd swap out the blue for a burgundy or oxblood shade!

I love these nails for Halloween if you're wanting to get into the spooky spirit but you aren't going to a party where you'll be dressing up or anything! Can I get away with saying this is a grown up way to do Halloween...? Yeah, probably not, but I do think it's a bit less obvious for work than full on nails painted like an assortment of witches, vampires and skulls!

So those are the nail looks I've been doing lately! I kept the formula for each look the same (ring finger glitter, middle finger spotty...) because I wanted to show how much fun and flexibility you can have just by changing up the colours - you don't necessarily need to sit and invest a whole load of time in planning a look every time you want to paint your nails! I also haven't listed the shades I used because really, it doesn't matter about the specifics - you can use any colours you like, that's the fun of it! If however you want to know about any of the shades I used, just drop me a comment below and I'll get back to you ASAP!

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