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Monday, 12 October 2015

WoodWick Fireside

Was I the only one doing a little happy dance when WoodWick popped up in the Boots Christmas 3 for 2 this year? Having gone off Yankee Candles a little in recent months, having had a few misses with random candle purchases in TK Maxx, I was super excited to have get my hands on a WoodWick candle, their good reputation certainly precedes them...
They had a good choice scents in my local Boots store, and yes, I was sniffing away like a lunatic - I was torn between the Black Cherry and Fireside, but in the end decided the Black Cherry might end up being a bit much, depending on the scent throw. Anyway, the reason I bring up the standing in Boots, trying to pick a scent situation is because I wanted to mention that I was with my mum and my sister at the time - and that all three of us chose Fireside. I cannot tell you quite how rare that is to happen, that we would all like the same scent, actually, yes I can - to my knowledge the only other scent we can all agree on is the Clean Cotton scent from Yankee. My mum is more into floral, or heavier feminine smells, my sister loves all the kind of vanilla, cupcake-y scents and I generally prefer sharper, or more masculine smells - there's sometimes overlap on scents two of us will like, but three of us? Basically unheard of.
I think this sums up pretty well what kind of scent Fireside is - very seasonal, but also very neutral. It has a spiciness to it, but also a fresh, clean scent too. I think if you're looking to gift a candle this Christmas, then this will tick the box for a lot of people.
So WoodWick candles have a pretty unique feature, they have a special wick (the patent-pending +pluswick, if you were wondering), and, as well as helping improve the burning efficiency and scent throw, the wick emits a crackling sound as the candle burns. If I'm honest, I kind of thought this crackling sound thing would probably be a bit of a gimmick - like, you know, if you listened really carefully, you'd maybe hear the odd crack. Oh, how wrong was I? Instead of the gentle, lazy fireside crackle I might have hoped for, this candle emits a fairly loud, intense crackling sound that shares a definite likeness to a very small blow torch. Well, actually, I spent the first five minutes imagining it was an old school, cartoon bomb fuse burning down - but then when it never did explode, I leaned more to the blow torch likeness. I think it would be a bit much to say I found the noise 'stressful', but I certainly didn't find it relaxing either - I was very aware of it while sitting typing blog posts, it was pretty distracting. For what it's worth, my mum and sister both agree that while it's not enough to put us off the candle altogether - I mean, just burn it while you have music or the TV on and you're good - none of us are sure we'd purchase another one. 
Bizarre sound effects aside, this really is a lovely candle. It burns incredibly well; evenly, with no bits of the wax left behind, and the scent throw is pretty much ideal in my books - strong enough that you walk in the room and are very aware of it, but not so strong that you get a headache in the few hours you have the candle burning.
At this point, I'm not 100% sure I'd purchase another WoodWick candle - great burn, great scent, but the crackling noise is really off-putting for me. That is of course just personal preference, you may well love the sound, or not notice it that much - in which case, this is a truly high quality candle; in my opinion definitely a rank above Yankee in terms of both burn quality and scent throw. 
 The WoodWick Candles are available here, from Boots - the medium (which is what I have) is £16.99 and is part of their Christmas 3 for 2. 

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  1. Ohhh I might have to have a look at these candles next time I'm in Boots... <3


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