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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Cruelty Free Cosmetics: The First Baby Step

cruelty free cosmetics
Following on from the initial, intensively rambling post, I'm back to fill in a bit more of the blanks of where I am so far on my journey to using cruelty free cosmetics and beauty products.

So, pretty much the first thing that became apparent when I started looking for information on cruelty free brands is that there is a lot of information out there. Unfortunately, a lot of it is wrong. After a frustrating couple of hours, I did eventually come across the website Cruelty Free Kitty (what can I say? I thought the name was a sign...) where the author Suzi is incredibly well informed and provides a lot of practical information, as well as sources for her information. This site really helped me get a foot hold and feel like I could do this - which believe me, I was really starting to doubt. If you're interested in this kind of information, I strongly recommend checking out the site. Anyway, the only issue with this site - and many others - is that it's US based, and while some UK brands are mentioned, it does make it difficult when on top 5 lists, none of the products are available in the UK, so I can't say that all my questions were answered, but it certainly gave a strong start.

my favourite Essence cosmetics
Essence is an affordable, cruelty free brand that is available in the UK, even if I can only get it online here in Glasgow.

I have to admit, my initial goal going into all of this was to switch out 50% percent of my beauty and cosmetics purchases to being cruelty free. As well as switching to 50% sustainable fashion purchases, and a 50% vegan diet, I thought that this would be a vast improvement on my current lifestyle in terms of the negative impact I was having on the world around me, and it didn't seem so overwhelming that I felt like I was drowning, but actually, the more I looked into the cosmetics brands that are still available to me the more motivated I was to switch out 100%, and the more "right" everything started to feel.

One of the first things I looked into was nail polish - I don't know why, other than maybe it seemed a bit less daunting than trying to pick out a foundation from an unknown brand - and I realised that Barry M, my favourite nail polish brand, is still an option, hurrah! Then, I found the brand Zoya and how much less full of terrifying chemicals those polishes are and I felt so like "okay, I have a plan". Zoya polishes aren't cheap at between £11 and £14 a bottle, but seeing as how I don't want to own many polishes going forward (hello, super relaxing minimalism), I feel like I would rather save a little and just buy a couple of fantastic and flexible shades when the time comes. And you know the weirdest thing? I don't feel cut off from brands like Essie or OPI, I don't feel deprived, I actually feel relieved, like a huge weight has been lifted. I now don't even need to look at those counters or watch videos about them, or be familiar with the "in" shades. I just feel so free. With such few options now, decisions will be so much easier for me! This of course all ties in with my move towards minimalism - less time devoted to shopping for and 'maintaining' goods, and more freedom.

Cruelty free mascara
Possibly THE most hyped cruelty-free mascara which A) isn't available here in the UK and B) transfers like crazy on me, but I can totally deal with using Essence mascaras full time, some of them are pretty good!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not kidding myself that's it's all going to be easy; for example, foundation already presents an obstacle. I'm so fair skinned that often the lightest shade in a line is too dark for me, and my skin is dry and sensitive - it's not forgiving. Couple this with the very limited range of affordable cruelty free foundations here in the UK and we may have a prob

Fortunately, I have plenty of time to research, because you see, I actually own a lot of makeup, and while much of it is not cruelty free, I've made the decision to still use it up because wasting it is not helping anything. So, continuing on with the above foundation example, I actually have two and a half bottles of foundation sitting in a drawer -  so basically, I probably won't "need" a new one for about 7/8 months. Plenty of time to do research really, even giving I'm a bit of an awkward customer.

And of course, the other thing I need to brace myself for are new launches. I'm a bit of a palette fiend, and I need to find a way to deal with the new ones that of course will come out from Urban Decay, Too Faced and oh jeez, I've just realised Maybelline Color Tattoos are out too *takes a deep breath*

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