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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Cruelty Free Cosmetics: The First Hurdle(s)

I feel like recently, I've been doing a lot of research into the theory of only using cruelty free cosmetics - options I might choose, where and when to buy them - I had the abstract concepts down, and a plan in place but I also had the nagging doubts over whether things would actually go as smoothly when I hit "the first hurdle". Well this past week, I hit that first hurdle - and actually the second and third ones aswell, so I thought perhaps a little diary style update might be in order, for anyone interested in following along with me on the journery.

Setting Spray from NYX cosmetics

Hurdle Number One - I finished my makeup setting spray...

For years now I've been using the Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray and LOVING it. Now of course, being as it isn't completely cruelty-free, I had already decided that I wasn't going to be repurchasing it and frankly, I wasn't too worried about the fact that I hadn't actually found a cruelty free option yet, because I had a backup in my drawer that I still had to use up. It's the (also not completely cruelty-free) NYX Dewy Finish spray. So I was really sad to see my Urban Decay spray finish, but I figured the NYX one would buy me a few months to research a new cruelty-free spray to use. Little did I realise this was not going to go so smoothly.
Turns out I'm allergic to the NYX spray - just like with the MUA, the Makeup Revolution, the L'Oreal and the Maybelline versions; in fact the Urban Decay spray is the only one I have ever not had a reaction to. This has thrown more than one spanner in the works. The first issue is that I now "need" a setting spray tomorrow, rather than in March, which means research time is gone - so despite the fact that Milani seems to have just launched a setting spray in the States, I can't actually hold of, hoping that one launches over here in a timely manner. The second issue is that all the remaining cruelty free options are properly high end and frankly I'm a little nervous about dropping £25 on a product I might use once and be completely allergic to, in fact, seeing as how I'm currently unemployed (and hating it...), it just really isn't an option to do that right at this minute.
So, unfortunately, I have had to make the call to repurchase the Urban Decay spray for hopefully just one last time, until I can sort out a better long term solution. The only way I can think to improve the situation is to limit how often I wear it - i.e. not using it on days when I'm just popping out for a couple of hours, this should at least help the container last me for longer.
I can't help but feel like I'm failing at the first hurdle here, but at least Urban Decay is still a cruelty free brand, and I know a lot of folks do consider them a cruelty free option - just a shame about that parent company.

Hurdle Number Two - I finished my favourite blush.

Yup, I can honestly say that I found my favourite blush, I had found my "The One". It was the Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in Lavish Mauve and this week, I finished it. Being as it's not cruelty free I knew I wouldn't be repurchasing it and I also knew I only had a little left, so I planned to stash that in a drawer and wear it on 'special occassions', but then I remembered I don't want to live like that anymore and decided just to use it up and enjoy it right now. I was sad to see it go; for my fair skin with cool undertones, it was the most natural flush of easy to apply, long lasting amazing-ness. *Sigh*. However, I am completely committed to never purchasing it again (unless Max Factor's CF status changes *crosses fingers... but doesn't risk holding breath...*), and I do feel a small sense of accompishment in knowing I have one less item in my makeup drawer. Hurdle: leapt over.

My custom palette in progress

Hurdle Number Three - Oh, those NYX Hot Singles.

Yes, I also faced my first proper temptation this week!  I had sort of braced myself for the temptations that I was sure would come in the post-Christmas sales, but actually, I made a couple of (planned and conscious) purchases, and other than that I honestly wasn't drawn to shop at all. I'm not experiencing even the slightest temptation to look in fast fashion stores or browse the high end beauty counters. No, what caught me out was the sudden availability of a product that I had been patiently waiting for for months, and had absolutely planned to purchase before my decision to go cruelty free.
It's the Hot Singles pans from NYX, which have just become available through Boots here in the UK. You see, I have been in the process of creating my own 'dream palette' for some time now, and I had planned to buy some of the NYX shades to add to this - primarily, because they're less than half the price of the Makeup Geek shadows. I had my 'wishlist' of shades drawn up already and I'll be honest and admit that my first thought on seeing them launch was that I could still buy them, because I'd been planning to for ages and so it didn't really count. Also, I could just say I was starting the cruelty-free as a 'process' rather than an overnight change, I mean, in a way, that sort of makes more sense, right?
And then I felt a little sick. It's the realisation that it's not about secretly buying them and hiding them from blog readers who might ask questions or from Kenny who, well who probably wouldn't care, ut you see what I mean. it's not about being accountable or justifying things to anyone else, it's just about me, and in some ways, that actually makes it harder. I would LOVE to buy these shadows, but I honestly can't bring myself to do it. No loopholes, no cheat days, no slip-ups, no third party to bargain or plead with, just me.
So, no NYX shadows have been purchased and I fully intend to hold strong. Mercifully, they're only available online so I'm fortunate that I'll never have to face the temptation of seeing them in a store as I head in for toothpaste!

So that's where I'm at with the first three challenges I've faced. I'll admit things haven't gone as smoothly as I'd have liked them too, but then they say the things worth doing are rarely easy, so I'm trying not to get discouraged. Already, if I hadn't been on this journey I'd have bought one blush and 7 eyeshadows that are both non-cruelty free and not actually needed in my life, and when I think about it like that, it suddenly doesn't seem like I'm doing so badly.

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  1. Such a lovely blog post (and blog!). I really liked your honesty and point of view. I’ve been trying to go cruelty-free too, and can relate to so many of your thoughts. I totally agree about it being a journey, and not being too hard on yourself. It’s nice to see someone liked minded, and I look forward to more from this series. Have a nice weekend! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


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