Kitty Blackadder

A Scottish blog about anxiety, minimalism and eyeshadow.

About Me

Hello, I'm Kitty.
I'm 25, I live in Glasgow, Scotland: I'm short, I'm pale and I'm scared of geese.
I started this blog years ago and unfortunately, I've taken some pretty big breaks along the way. For a long time, I felt discouraged and ashamed of this - of not being able to stick things out. The reality though is that I've suffered from anxiety for almost my whole life and every so often it comes along and shakes my little world apart; meaning that I stop everything from working to exercising, to socialising and eating right. So stopping blog posts actually doesn't rank that high up on my concerns at the time when I'm stuck in bed for a week or two.
Over the years this blog has also gone through many identities; from diary, to shopping-log, to attempted-seriously-run-for-money-blog and now, as I enter some new times in my life this blog has changed once again and has become the place for me to share my journey to minimalism and more ethical living. A place for me to explore my thoughts on diet, shopping, lifestyle, work, relationships and more... and oh yeah, I still love makeup.

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