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A Scottish blog about making art, too much eyeshadow and becoming a grown up.

About Me

Hello, I'm Kitty.
I'm 26, I live in Glasgow, Scotland with my fiance Kenny and my cat, Meeko. has been my online space for a long time and over the years it has gone through many identities; from diary, to shopping-log, to lifestyle blog. I've written about face masks and shady employers, and almost everything in between. Honestly, I don't think I've ever struggled to come up with content, but I have fought with myself so many times over how to give an identity.

Why does an identity matter?
Well, for a long time, I thought it didn't - I wasn't trying to make the big bucks here, so I wasn't too worried about how many people found the blog. I figured that in time, the right people would. But, over the years as I began writing about my mental health issues, or other more "serious" topics, I started to feel that there was a real disconnect on the blog. I didn't want people to come onto the blog to read a post about living with depression, and then to have five suggested posts underneath it for "My Favourite Spring Nail Polishes". That's confusing, and while my personality is split into being interested in these many diverse subjects, that really isn't the case for most people, and by smushing everything together, I'm isolating so many potential readers who can't work out what the heck is going on with this site. 

So what's the plan?

In order to continue to write about the things I'm passionate about, and to create a more fluid experience for readers, I'm splitting this one blog into three. will go back to it's roots a little and once again be the place where I can write about my love for makeup and all things beauty. Additionally, it will continue to be my diary, wher I document the ups and downs of life with, I hope, some humour. Something that hasn't featured on here in a big way before is my artwork, but it does exist, I swear! I want to reawaken my creative practice and I'm excited to share my journey with you - from talking about my own work, and hopefully talking to other artists too, to creating my own illustrations to accompany some of the posts I'll be writing here. (warning, site is still an empty shell, basically) will be the site where I focus on discussing mental health issues, minimalism and sustainability and other similar topics. If you've enjoyed this kind of content on this site, then definitely keep an eye on as it's where I'm going to writing a whole lot more like that. (warning, site is still an empty shell, basically) The most niche of all my interests, and one that I could never really work into this site, but, I am a huge fan of Walt Disney World, and I've spent more than a decade being an active part of that fan community, and helping people plan their ideal Walt Disney World Vacations. So, is a place where I can share this love with my readers, as well as also being able to write about my fairly debilitating travel anxiety - my experiences of DOING trips while experiencing it, and also of NOT DOING trips because of it.

So while I know the changes seem drastic and perhaps a little scattered right now, I am confident that once things are up and running this will allow be to feel not only more free, creatively, but also to become more productive too - which should be good news for anyone who is a fan of the site!

Contact and Social Media

if you have any questions or anything you wish to discuss with me, you can email me at:

My social media links are:
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